Sunday, July 17, 2011

POTS/Adrenal Symptoms

I had a very bad night last night with feeling very anxious and was suffering with adrenal symptoms. This might also tie in some unpleasant revelations through some exploratory writing, but I don't think entirely.

Today I feel "out of my body" and I am experiencing both chest pain and then changes to heart rate level and nasty pressure in my head. It is all on the left side of my body. My TMJ hurts, I have a left-sided headache, and my hands are very different temperatures with my left hand being siginficantly colder than the right. My left leg feels unpleasant and quite wired throughout. Dorsiflexion is difficult. I feel shivery and cold. There is a deep fascial pull from SCM and throughout my left side.

These symptoms are related to the Hypermobility Syndrome, but are very difficult to cope with.

The cat has just jumped onto my lap. I am glad of his support!

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