Monday, October 24, 2011

Physio Update

I had a really good physio session today. I had come with a hugely increased range of movement in neck (flexion) which had been released in a Bowen session on Saturday. The result of this had been some fatigue and nausea yesterday as I coped with this extra range of movement. I had wanted to see K today particularly for my right ankle being tight, and restriction in plie. K had time, so I had an hour of physio and K begun work in my sacral to continue to aid with both tightness in the sacral area, evacuation (and bowel related stuff) and for lower back stuff and then to support both neck and ankle work. K had to do a lot of work to my right foot, calf and anterior tibia which was all tight. K's work improved this plie and then did some more work on right big toe which helped with releve, although this is still both tight and painful as yet.

K did work on my TMJ for both bladder and neck work and then did some work on my ribs which were very tight, especially left and first rib, and my stomach was being pulled around to the left. K said more work needs to be done on left anterior rib cage. This made me have some POTS symptoms for a brief time, but  then eased off.

K ended up doing some work on sacral again and then released off my lumbar spine including opening up an area I have held for ages. We ended up doing an exercise where I do a pelvic lift and then leg extension which is a strengthening area for lumbar spine and also a neural stretch for foot.

It was a really good session and then when I went running this evening it was much better for me all round and I felt very fluid, body-through and managed more than I had done before.

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