Sunday, December 4, 2011

Arm stretch, POTS, Fatigue + Hypermobility Syndrome

It has been a big week for me. My beloved cat had to be put down on Monday. I had suspected he had a cancerous growth, but the harsh reality of the determined diagnosis led to his death, but it was peaceful, albeit horribly sad, but the right thing for him. I was my birthday on Friday, and I wasn't sure what would happen this year, as my last few birthdays were a disaster. This year was different, and I had a very lovely day indeed, helped by great generosity and kindness of my work colleagues, especially K. On Saturday I had my grandmother's 90th birthday and managing family dynamics and tensions even though overall it was a actually a lovely occasion.

Last night (Saturday) I had the desire to do a big thoracic spine stretch and although this sounds no big deal, I stood against the wall and put my arms above my head and stretched them up and against the wall until my finger tips reached the ceiling (I live in a basement flat). This was the first time I had seriously managed this stretch without having a spasm attack or because those T-spine muscles were too tight to elevate my arms because of the pull from my neck. The stretch was long and and has definitely ended up being neural because I now have pain down both arms and woke this morning with a huge fatigue. I also did some neural leg stretches and gluteal stretches (left side much tighter) to help with my lower back pain - this did help.

Last night, I was also had some POTS symptoms and nausea, but had had a very long time without the collar on, which probably hadn't helped. I slept well, waking once, but woke up feeling totally fatigued with pain in all limbs. This isn't great as I have a lot to do both today and tomorrow. My body doesn't make allowances for this. Thankfully I booked Tuesday morning off work to rest, so can have a long lie-in, if needs be. This is good planning on my behalf, but need something now!!!

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