Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Physio

I saw my new Physio, M, today. It was quite hard for me to have to go through all my history all over again - M probably didn't realise that is very fatiguing for me also because it is so long and complicated. I forgot quite a few things as wasn't expecting to have to go through it given he has read my book - but all therapists have to take histories - it is just mine is two books worth! M had a look at my frontal posture and noted that I was standing predominately to the left - so after all this time and all my work with K this is still the case. He wants me to believe that my right leg is a good strong leg and to think of the bone-on-bone connections in that leg (as imagery to reinforce strength). He treated my right ankle as there is some soft-tissue irritation which had been impeding my plie but nothing significant. He decided to tape my ankle not because of the soft-tissue irritation but to give proprioceptive feedback to that leg and to encourage me to make greater use of it it. He says his next port of call is likely to be gluteous medius. I am always pulled/drawn to the left leg, but further up the body there is an almighty pull back to the right to counter-balance this. My body is still compensating for an injury that took place 30 years ago. This is so mad! After the session I became incredibly fatigued and now just feel quite depressed. It was hard because obviously M doesn't know me and I was (in the end) used to more "hands on" therapy from K and also because K knew my body so well. I am sure that M is a good physio and it is just difficult for me to adjust to someone new. Overall our intention is not for me to become dependent on more physio but for me to carry on managing as I have been on my own - so I need to carry on with all my exercise. I have been a bit lazy this week, that is for sure, but the snow is not conducive to exercise!

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Sharon Goldman said...

Hello, just wanted to say I really enjoyed your book and enjoy your blog. I also struggle with the effect of hypermobility, and went from doc to doc for years...finally found results from a combo of manual therapy and movement work such as Pilates, Franklin Method and Feldenkrais. I finished a 500-hour teacher training recently, hoping to spread the word about hypermobility, particularly in the U.S. where there isn't as much info as in the U.K.! A blog post I recently wrote on the topic on my site: