Sunday, June 3, 2012

Autonomic Nervous System and Fatigue

I came home and then not long after, I received a mobile phone sales call. I was about to change deals when it was if my battery had just run out. I was suddenly ravenously hungry after a very busy and stressful day. I just couldn’t make any more decisions and go through contracts or small print. In the end I just had to hang-up and stagger to the kitchen and rapidly heat a prepared stirfry and eat before I literally passed out.

The next day I woke up with a splitting headache and ached in general. My head was very fuzzy and foggy, but I had to battle on with patients to treat. At lunchtime I received a call from a man who needed to measure a new bathroom window I need. I was standing leaning on the wall with my legs crossed in order to get any stability. I then went to bed to try and rest before treating again much later in the day. The following day things were not much better, but again I had patients in the evening. I did cancel a friend coming for coffee and a treatment swap, but had to preserve my energy. The day after that was still similar, only I was in more pain and by day five I had no energy and spent most of it in bed, aching, in severe pain and on lots of pain medication. Then the excessive urination started which seems to correlate with these episodes of severe global nodules of pain and fatigue. This, I am assuming is all related to an Autonomic Nervous System that is massively out of kilter. In my experience there is just no point in fighting this, and the quicker I give in to it, the more likely I am to recover.

Today I am finally better, and a bit cabin-feverish, which is a good sign. I am going swimming as need to do some exercise very badly – did a little ballet yesterday, from home, but had struggled with walking the day before that. Hopefully this fatigue has now subsided. Until the next time.

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