Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Severe Autonomic Nervous System Disruption and Hypermobility Syndrome

Although I started off in severe pain over night - back pain, psoas in huge spasm and abdominals, this has now led to the following - and seems a regular pattern in myself (not sure about everyone). There seems to be severe Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) disruption
  • Excessive urination - needing to pass urine on average 8 times per hour. The worst I have had is 15 times in 90 minutes, but not unusual
  • Freezing cold - despite a bath, electric heatpad, two duvets and a dressing gown, thermal pyjamas and a cat - hands and feet especially cold
  • Heart rate/Pulse rate changes
  • Digestive system very gurgly and noisy and guts in spasm. Nausea
  • Muscular spasm attacks and twitches (more neurological than Autonomic Nervous System)
  • Complete brain fog and thought processes very slow. Headache
  • Global aching and trigger point pain (not ANS related). In 'tender' pain
  • Feeling "wired" 
  • Fatigue will follow on
Today will be a fairly wasted. Trigger unknown for ANS disruptive symptoms. Recovery - 24-48 hours.


em said...

hey mizzk

i have pots/eds. had a flare of pots over the past week. i suffer with pots symptoms everyday, yet this past week has seen a pots crash. like you say, stomach problems, although i take domperidone for the nausea, without which i wouldnt be able to eat. the cold feeling, clinging to a hot water bottle as i write! memory problems most days, heart rate issues, classic on standing. fatigue today has been bad. hope you feel a little better soon. x

Graham breust said...
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