Saturday, January 12, 2013

Biodanza! -

I started a new dance class called "Biodanza." It was absolutely wonderful. I felt joyful, energised and laughed so much during the class. I also realised how cardiovascularly unfit I have become lately. The form of dance is based on Jungian symbolism, creative, sensual, and bio-units -e.g. atoms in movement and awareness of space and what total freedom of movement.

The sessions involve working in a group as well as in pairs, small groups and individually. We started in a circle holding hands and walked around and this sped up. We then did some hip "wiggling" work to another piece oc music and shoulders to another piece of music. We then followed Gita, our teacher as she led us through a sequence, which really got us moving, this was individually. Then we did more work in smaller groups and then had to move about changing groups very fast - this was quite tiring, but fun. After this the class was split into men and women, with men dancing first on their own, and in their own way to the song, 'What a Feeling.' then the women had a go. I was doing a mixture of ballet-type moves whilst just doing any types of running, jumping, and turning I fancied. When we had done this we gathered very closely together whilst we were all breathing to recover.

The second half of the class was much slower and involved more tactile and sensual work which I very much enjoyed. One thing involved people in groups of four layering their hands, layer upon layer. We also did some from the heart work, and more circle work with our eyes shut and finger tips connecting. We then had the opportunity and priviledge to walk around the room, make eye contact with someone and give them a hug. This felt very nurturing and safe. The class ended with the group in a circle and walking about which became more and more energised.

I had wondered that I might really find the class too much for my calves, but they were fine. My hips and lumbar spine felt a bit sore the next day, but that was a very minor pay-off for a wonderful class full of laughter and real freedom and creativity of movement. I am looking forward to the next class, but feel that I am now ebbing away from the constraints of ballet and technique to a more liberating form of movement.

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