Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tektonic Spasms and Movement Disorder

Yesterday, disaster struck after work on my neck, approx C3-7, TMJ and trapezius. It is very definitely not my physiotherapist's fault. These areas of my body almost seem like a massive danger zone and should be surrounded by red warning triangles. What happened next has happened in the past (see 'youtube' link below) - but were stronger than I have ever had them and in waves and pulsing like movements, systemically. When I left physiotherapy I was standing at different bus stops (as I had to change buses) and was standing and my body was literally going into these tektonic spasms - like the footage below only much worse! It was unbelievable and quite scary and hasn't happened in "free standing" not like attempting an exercise (as below). I got home and had to take some medication and basically rest. I ended up in bed at 6pm too tired to do anymore, but then woke again about 10.30pm for about 2 hours. I then was "out for the count" again.

Today I am still in massive fatigue. Is a struggle concentrating to type. I have had lots of painkillers, two baths, more sleep and have now got someone in to help me and do some cleaning and give me some support. As it snowing outside, I have no strong desires to go anywhere, will take today as a duvet day and an opportunity to catch up on some missed TV programmes.

Although this is to do with my pain and changes to my nervous system in general, my physio and I have wondered about other "feed-in" factors such as mood, emotion. I have thought about this over the past day and do not think that either are involved as also recall having more "spurting" or "pulsing" movements when having Bowen. The movements do not hurt me at all, but there often feels like a "charge" - perhaps like electricity, with a hum. I am aware that people with epilepsy and those with migraines often have signs and symptoms before they have an attack, and this feels similar. There are more blog entries on this, if you have the time to go further back. Meanwhile, below are the promised "Youtube" videos from 2011. 

You Tube Links of 'Movement Disorder'

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