Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I received a feedback comment today from my last post which is dated 1st December. I think that the reader was wondering how  I am now, given my lack of blogging.

I can confirm that I am doing very well in a musculoskeletal capacity, at any rate. I have had 4 Osteopathy sessions since 1st December, so over the last 5 months, and usually it is to release my piriformis muscles, which are so tight and constantly overwork (bilaterally). For those of you who don't know, the piriformis muscle is a nasty horizontal muscle deep and under the gluteous muscles and can actually squash the sciatic nerve, and generally cause a lot of pain. I do regularly stretch the blighters, but they can still cause extreme pain. I also have osteopathy if my back becomes particularly inflamed and has remained so for more than a couple of days. I then also have my upper traps released and sometimes some manipulation of my thoracic spine to improve it's mobility.

I am still having to work on my medial rotation, which is so restricted, and important in walking and in fact in anything other than ballet. I am improving the use of my hips, rather than "fixing" them when I walk. I walk so much better now than I did years ago when this blog begun. I owe my help to two physiotherapists and my recent osteopath.

When I am not having osteopathy (or physiotherapy), I also self-treat myself using the Bowen Technique, which I also practice. This is excellent and keeps things at bay for a lot of the time in between sessions requiring some deeper work. I have been a Bowen therapist for 11 years now and predominately work with those who have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome- Hypermobility Type (EDS-HT).

In short, I am continuing to do very well, and I am extremely lucky.

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