Tuesday, April 15, 2008

2-weeks later and first class

As excited as I was about going for my first class, I was also nervous. What if I made my leg worse again? How was I going to cope doing half-measures and not all the class-work? What about the three flights of stairs up to the studio...!

I suppose forewarned is forearmed and since I anticipated what I was going to be able to do safely, I was ready, in my mind at least, about what I could manage.

It took a lot of trust and confidence to manage standing on my right leg as a supporting leg. I had tried from home the day before and it had been OK, just about. I was OK with extension and "pointing my foot", but flexion was unthinkable at this stage.

I took great care in class, and whilst the others were jumping and doing "allegro" I did my calf-exercises with the support of the barre.

It felt good to be back.

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