Sunday, February 7, 2010

Physio 'Al Dente'

I love my physiotherapist for this. Because I had a bit of an over-reaction to my last treatment, she said that she would slightly undercook me this time and so we are now doing 'Physio Al Dente' K said she was using this tack with another patient, and in fact I have to do the same (now I think about it) with patients I treat with chronic fatigue and syndrome related conditions. Anyway - I like K's usual humerous approach - especially when things have been difficult lately what with vascular reactions and muscle spasms. Humour is sometimes just the very best tool there is - no wonder "Laughter is the best medicine".

K did a little work on my hips, particularly the left which is tighter. She then did as much work as she dared to on my neck before (at my request) doing some work in the area I really wanted some work on the thoracic spine. She did this and left me 'al dente' I will continue with my neck and "jiggling" exercises until next week.

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Hua said...

I'm glad that your physiotherapist understands you so well and is helping you out.

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