Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Update - Muscle Spasms

Things have been slightly difficult since I had a physiotherapy session which produced a big reaction and therefore major changes in me. At the moment I am still having problems with spams which I am presently calling "eenie meenie miney moe". Meenie is the big one from my spine that kicks off when I am sitting on certain seats - mostly bus or train seats. He also kicks off when I am lying flat or doing certain spinal extension work. Eenie is a cute little kick into my left side, Miney is my abdominal spasm and Moe is a diaphragmatic one. I don't get Moe too often. Anyway - I decided lately that the best way to cope with them was to befriend them, so I (sort of) have. The thing I am finding difficult is that it looks like I am having some sort of minor fit or seizure and makes me a feel a bit of a freak when it happens in public or in pilates. Last week at almost the end of pilates I had a big attack of Meenie, but I cried too because I was tired of what precisely what was going on. There is never any pain attached to Meenie, but perhaps an emotional response. I am now taking occasional Baclofan for Meenie because he also objects to bed time and me lying flat. Eenie also enjoys nighttime for fun and kicks.

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