Saturday, January 29, 2011

More abdominal work

K has said that I am presently still too weak and my endurance is still too low so I need to continue getting a training effect on some of the recent abdominal exercises I have been given - particularly to the left side, which is weakest. It is hard work because my exercises take 30-40 minutes per day as it is, but my progress in terms of building endurance is just really slow and that is frustrating.

The day after K had given me even more exercises to do, I had an incredible fatigue and then felt really angry and resentful about the whole exercise regime that has already been going on for three years. I suppose I have to accept the fact that this is the case in a body where there is always an additional range of movement to manage and the fact that the slow-twitch muscles or endurance muscles do not work as well - or work twice as hard as a normo-mobile. Once the fatigue and my frustration had passed, I was able to get back to my exercises.

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