Friday, April 29, 2011

Neck has gone again!!!

My deep muscles have "failed" again in my neck, resulting in SCM taking over and the most horrible twisting in my body from the left, pulling my body to the left, including as far down as TFL/ITB. Bilaterally, I have felt so different, with the right side of my body feeling normal and the left feeling completely different. I had temperature changes in my body, with my left side feeling much colder, so vascular was also affected. My BP prior to the session was high, but stabilised post-physiotherapy.

The cause of the ultimate failure stems from incidents of doing too many reps with some Pilates exercises, probably stemming from that Monday class last week. K and I have decided I cannot continue with that class, although I could do my exercises during the Pilates section of the class and then join for ballet.

K and I were trying to work out if we could have rescued me any sooner - but probably only by a matter of hours. K treated my right toe again. She said that she could tell I was using my feet now - probably through walking better, but that my toe had stiffened up again - bit like the rest of me does, from time to time. She released that off.

I have to start doing head-nodding again, by imaging - if not actually doing the exercise, lying supine.

Today I am feeling very nauseous, but also on the brink of fatigue. Neck and TMJ hurt. This is so tedious!

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