Saturday, May 14, 2011

Several Updates - Behaviour & Psychology

K said to me that I must document the fact that I am now behaving much more sensibly and rationally and "like the rest of us" in terms of making a decision not to do ballet when my neck was in a bad state. In the past I would have still considered going even when there was such a deterimental loss of functioning muscle leaving me at much higher risk of other injury. Following my latest neck episode I decided it was better to abstain from ballet and rationalised this by the fact I could go for a walk in the park instead, by imaging dance movements I wanted to work on, and by doing key physiotherapy exercises which would speed recovery -e.g. pelvic tilt, and neck exercises per se.

My behaviour has become more modified in other areas too. For example at work, I will wait on things like emails before jumping to making decisions. I am also seeking advice rather than simply diving in, or thinking I automatically know best. This means that my handing of situations is generally improving. I still need to learn to say "no" and also to boundarize my time better at work to stop other people bothering or interupting me on my non-working day, but clinic day instead.

Anyway, the more moderated thinking is correlating with my body feeling stronger and feeling more in control of situations and how to handle them better. Cognitive Analytical Therapy was also a major help with respect to improvements in thought patterns.

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