Sunday, August 28, 2011

Update - Severe Abdo Pain and Fatigue

When one thing goes wrong, it is frequently a short time before a myriad of other things follow - a bit like a domino effect (Grahame, 2010, p.29, Knight, 2011, p25) of incidents which occur over time, sometimes with very rapid onslaught. K and I starting to refer to this as 'Chaos Theory' Mine went something like this:

I had physio with K last Monday where she worked to relieve my left ITB which was pulling my knee again. She also did work to soften and relieve tension in both my lower and upper back/shoulders. I felt better after the session which had preceeded a stressful episode - a text from work when I was supposed to be on annual leave. I left K and felt better for talking to her (about work) and then was able to go shopping and enjoy my day. That was Monday (22nd August). During the night I had a mild asthma attack - the first in years. Taking a blue inhaler relieved it. The next day I had a pre-operative assessment at hospital and then had two messages from work and had to deal with more 'emergency issues' again whilst on leave. I then felt very low and fatigued. I thought it would be a good idea to try and do something and go shopping in town just prior to my ballet lesson. This was a huge mistake because I was so fatigued that after just over an hour of shopping I could hardly stand. Ballet was out of the question, which was a shame because I had done a good Pilates into Ballet class the night before. I got home from town and literally went to bed. It was 6pm.

The next day I had rallied slightly and went into town shopping again and had a more positive experience. I had somehow managed to miss lunch and came home starving hungry and ate at 6pm. I felt very achey and took some Diazepam and Codeine. I barely had an hour's sleep during the night and felt jetlagged.

I woke up on Thursday morning feeling completely fatigued, and in pain. I had to treat a few people and then was supposed to have an appointment with a stylist in town. It was pouring with rain. I didn't want to go, particularly as I felt I had found the right dress the day before. I went in but hardly had the energy to try much on and was probably quite hard work for the stylist. I went and picked up the other dress and struggled home. I went to bed for an hour at 4pm and then felt quite extraordinarily hungry. I ate at 5pm and took 7mg of Diazepam for pain and within minutes of finishing supper fell fast asleep in front of the TV and went to bed. I had only had about an hour of sleep the night before. I woke up around 9pm with left abdo pain which had been lingering for a few days and had got worse. By 11pm after more codeine I couldn't take it anymore so rung SELDOC for advice. They advised me to get to A&E so I called a non-emergency ambulance and taken to my local A&E. I was put in a cubical straight away as it wasn't too busy. It was generally a useless experience - they took bloods - messed up right hand so took from left hand. Bloods and urine came back clear. They then transferred me to the Clinical Decisions Unit (or Can't Decide Unit) before a more senior doctor came along to say they weren't going to admit me because I already had several appointments and referrals coming up and the only thing they could then do is to put me on an IV of Morphine. It was very tempting - but I declined it as I was too worried about work as I had the payroll to do and then to treat as well. They did give me some Buscopan to also try for the left abdo pain as well as to continue with my other drugs. I came home at 7am having again hardly slept through the night. I decided to have two hours of sleep before going to work, which was a  good idea.

I got through the day quite well and a colleague gave me a lift part of the way home. I came  home and ate a light supper before falling asleep again in front of the TV and went to bed at 8am and slept through, waking twice and the next thing it was 10.20am before I had to get up to go and do a photoshoot for a national newsaper for my book. I was so fatigued when I arrived I could barely function. This was not helped by having to wear some crazy highheels for the shoot. I was all made up and looked very glamerous, but I could have done without this. I did become more awake as the day went on and managed to sort out my bedroom and threw away about 3 bin-bags of clothes - which no longer fit because my shape has changed so much!

I was tired but did not sleep well last night. I woke up at 6.30am - very early for a Sunday.

Chaos Theory
Preludes to this disaster:
  • Stress from work (when on annual leave)
  • Doing Pilates...? (too much - though was very careful) 
  • Change of movement patterning as I am now 'fixing' muscle groups in my legs much less
  • Asthma attack
  • Left abdominal pain
  • Fatigue
  • Poor sleep
  • Bladder more 'irritated' than normal (increased urination)
  • Increased pain and global wide-spread nodules of pain
  • Poor memory, decision making etc
All these factors lead to chaos in the system and multisystemic chaos at that.

K asked me to try and do 2-3 pelvic tilts and some exercises for my neck. I had already done this on the day she asked me to - I am going to do a full-set of physio exercises today and also want to go swimming, though will undoubtedly have to take this more slowly than where I had got before - pacing!

Today my arms still hurt like hell. My abdo is better though again.

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