Saturday, September 3, 2011

Flare up Recovery

I have been feeling better since Wednesday following my last flare up. I saw K on Wednesday and she did a lot of work on my TMJ (Jaw) and neck which caused some very minor spasming and changes to heart rate/temperature, but nothing compared to the way I used to react in the past. K said that I had come out of the flare up remarkably quickly and well and felt that I had moved up to a new level in my stability and in how I was in general, and I agree. I can "go down" very quickly, but I am also able to recover more quickly than in the past. One of the crucial things in retaining my management relies on ensuring that my deep postural muscle groups remain functional since it is when these disengage and the superficial ones take over that I very rapidly end up in fatigue. I have gone back to doing some of my most crucial physio exercises such as pelvic tilt and ones involving the neck and then progressed to others -e.g. hoola-hooping and side-stretches. It has taken a few days, but I am feeling much less fatigued, I am sleeping much better again and my deep core muscles are definitely functioning again. I think it looks like I will need to retain some of my physiotherapy exercises in order to "remind" the deep core muscles about what they are meant to do. As I say, the reason why the deep muscles which are meant to be endurance (perhaps that speaks for itself) disengage and then the superficial and fast-twitch muscle groups take over is a mystery. In normal people both systems work together in harmony, but it just seems that in hypermobile people this is not the case. Any doctors or physiotherapists care to comment or add theories - I would be glad to hear them!

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