Saturday, January 12, 2013

Physio Review and neck extension work

I had a physio appointment today. Things have calmed down a great deal over the last two weeks with deep-core muscles really kicking back in making my life much easier. I think the swimming and Biodanza helped with that. Despite a day of the most awful and screaming arm pain and two days of fatigue, things are better, but highlighting problems in my thoracic spine (getting very hunch-backed) and also arm-pain.

M did some work into my neck. In occiput - and extension in that area, there is no problem, but around C4-7 in neck extension things really kicked off huge muscle spasms. He did work on scalenes, ribs, traps, and has requested me to spend some time on the overball working on my neck extension, imaging if need be to start with if muscle spasms and twitching are rife. This area and thoracic are the last bastion now of my treatment - now almost 5 years later!!!

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