Thursday, January 14, 2010

Physio Update

I saw K today for the first time in a few weeks. I was able to report progress about the right hip and big improvements in my spine which M had spoken of only yesterday - and K could also see for herself.

I said that fatigue was an ongoing problem and also breathing difficulties - particularly in lateral breathing - I only mouth/shallow breathe at the moment. K did some more work on my neck and said that she would work around the first rib area and get into the thoracic spine - but at the moment part of that was too sore and she didn't want to do too much on me today.

K gave me somethings to do from home:

1) Rib twisting
2) An agressive neck stretch
3) Thoracic wall exercise
4) Hip circles on feet - for proprioception

It was good to see K today and I think it would be really good if she could help with my breathing which in term might lead to improved infection resistance and energy levels.

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