Thursday, August 19, 2010

Amusing conversation

Me in Pilates with M this afternoon:

M:                 Would you like to do a glut stretch?

Me:               (Emphatically) No!

M:                 Why not?

Me:               Because my glutes are tight and sore

M:           (In shocked tones) That is the most illogical reason I can think of and all the more reason you  need  to stretch them!

Needless to say I did have to stretch my gluteals. M doesn't suffer fools gladly.

I had to do the windmill exercise again (see below) and it was better, but I still can't do it very properly. Lack of coordination and difficult to cope with hand and upper arm being in different directions, let alone doing things in opposition to other arm. Brain power!

I then had to do another exercise called 'Thread the Needle' This one is nasty and involves a rotation and stretch to thoracic and shoulder. I couldn't really do it, but M said I would need to differentiate between pain and it being very tight. The thing is that all of my upper back and shoulders and arms hurt at the moment with real nodes of pain. It is fun being me. Not!

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