Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bad Flare Up

Oh dear! For some reason I am in a big flare up. Potential cause - Pilates - new stuff + over-reaching + Physio (going into Thoracic spine). I am in 'nodal' pain just about everywhere from tip to toe. I am aching like mad and at the moment -'hypomobile' Factor in a severe attack of IBS (actually resorted to medication), feeling incredibly depressed with a very low energy and you might just get an idea of how I am feeling. I tried to do a bit of shopping at but felt dizzy and "unreal" and felt like I was dragging a lead chain and ball around. Still I am trying to keep going because I have a book to write(!) and also K has raised some interesting research areas. The more unwell I feel, the more motivated I am (in a peculiar way) to "do something" pro-active for myself and others in this (at times) miserable condition. Hugs at this point are very welcome. Want someone to look after me for a change! The cat is working on overtime. Stopping now as hands hurt too much :(

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